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This Feb. 03, 2005 letter; from Shirley Jones Craft ~ s-48 & her husband, Jerry w-47

Hi Ed:  I'm sorry that I goofed and deleted your "received e-mail" message. Anyway, Shirley and I sure want to thank you for keeping us in mind and for all the work you've gone to in establishing and maintaining this valuable and interesting web site.  Always fun to look at those pics of all of you/us all those decades ago.  Still trying to figure out where the time has gone.....


Interesting to read where all the people are now living; a little surprising to see that quite a few still live in or near Eagle Rock.....Last time we drove along Colorado Blvd (two or three years ago) it brought back memories.
I don't know if you remember, Ed, but I used to sell newspapers on the corner of Townsend and Colorado Blvd, right by Lund's barber shop, so my recollections of the boulevardóback in the early '40só may be better than
most.....It was good to see that still quite a few of the members of the Class of S '48 were there for the reunion.  Maybe we'll make the next.  By the way, were you aware that Chet Piolotto's mother and mine grew up across the street from each other in a small town named Perry in northeastern Oklahoma? ......

We keep in touch, on more or less a regular basis, with Gwen and Dick, as well as their daughters......Where are you living now, and besides maintaining the web site, what are you doing to stay out of trouble, and did any of your kids follow you into contracting?  If I recall correctly, they did, but I'm not certain...


For over 40 years I worked summers and Saturdays in the building materials trade and got to know quite a few builders....They always seemed like a good bunch of people, and if I hadn't gone into education, I think I would have liked putting together houses.  Well, that's about it for now.  Thanks again.  Jerry
and Shirley.

Sun, 12 Jun 2005 15:53:32 -0700 More Jerry & Shirley Jones Craft

Hi Ed:  As usual it was a treat to check out your latest installment of the Class of S-48 on the Internet.  If you haven't already heard, Georgia McVicker
(Mrs. Harold CassóHarold was an architectural engineer and a graduate of ERHS S-46) died a couple of years ago.  Don't recall the exact time, but somewhere
around the first of 2003 rings a bell.  Both she and Harold, who moved to their retirement home in the San Bernardino Mountains around 1990, were some of
the best people on earth, and we always valued their friendship.  After Harold graduated from UCLA, they built a home in West Covina, and Harold commuted
each day to his office out on Wilshire Blvd.  The stress of those long hours on the roadway may have contributed to his early passing, about 10 years ago.
It was in their driveway off Addison Way that we parked out green Buick (for a fast get-away) following our wedding at Eagle Rock Presbyterian 50 years ago.
Gwen (Schenz) was Shirley's Matron of Honor, and Sterling Neblett was my Best Man.  Boy, how the time flies!!!!  Again Ed, thanks for your involvement in
keeping this wonderful web site going.  You're doing one heck of a job. Jerry and Shirley (Jones) Craft 


By request Sharon writes

Oh my, was I scared. I was terribly self conscious, and if it hadn't been for the fact Pat Donovan and Maxine were starting the same day, I would have chickened out. I came from Marshall where the student body was so haughty and cold.. I walked through those glorious arches and knew I was where I belonged. Everyone smiled and said hi......unbelievable think everyone knows by now my first class was chemistry. Mr. Hoyt seated me next to an adorable young man with a big grin and I thought,, "well he'll find a new partner" Not so tho, he stuck it out and we had a great time as lab partners. (Do you recognize Mr. Sylvis?)

Eagle Rock  hi was probable the very happiest time in my whole life. Such wonderful friends, fun events, dances, "Teen Troc", I don't know what was more fun, decorating or dancing. I fell in love for the first time, felt like a princess.

I just never wanted to go home, school was too much fun.

Remember Pops Willow Lake, Indian Springs Everywhere we went we ran into a schoolmate. Such a wonderful time.

I wish I could relive it all. It gave me memories, self confidence, the most wonderful friends I could wish for.

I now live 3 blocks from a high school and I hear the cheering, laughing, and the bands playing. I'm whisked back  to ER for a moment. Its great.

Best wishes and good health to all the Marquis. I miss you.

Sharon Hoyt James


Please let us know if you find errors and/or omissions. Did  your future plans hold true?

Prophecy: Second string water boy at P.J.C. Will: Leaves Mrs. Woodworth wondering how he got to be president. Future Plans Were: Entering Pre-legal college.

Presently retired

Gleason, Carbys
1409 Arbor Ct.
Encinitas, CA 92024


Prophecy: Chief model for Renart Sweaters Inc. Will: Leaves Mrs. Cole to carry her own baseball bags  Future Plans Included: Getting Married! But work and go on to school first. Presently retired Business manager Pacific Telephone
Goldman, Dolores Kussman
417 Coutin Ln.
Glendale, CA 91206
  Prophecy: Fly swatter in the high school cafeteria  Will: Leaves to be a Happy Housewife. Future Plans Included: Getting Married! But will work first.


Gunter, Carolyn
251 Lagoon Ave.
Oak Hill, FL 32759


Apple pie nice. Dream Girl of every ERHS Boy. Chosen home-coming Queen, (no pics) She didn't know  she supposed to hang around for a photo shoot for that event.  Still 100% authentic sweetheart. Presently retired and singing her heart out throughout the foothills and dales of the Oregon Cascades.


Harmon, Janice Royse
200 N. Evergreen Ave.
Stayton, OR 97383

  Prophecy: Sweater stretcher at the Elite dry cleaners.  Will:Leaves deserving service credit which she did not get.  Future Plans Included: work then Frank Wiggins.


Hill, Joanne O'Neil
817 Partridge Ave., #4
Menlo Park, CA 94025




Holly, Patsy L.

  Prophecy: First Violinist at the Salvation Army  Will: Leaves her Olds to anyone who can drive it.  Future Plans Included: Attending some college yet to be decided upon.


Howorth, Jane  Hester
28263 Zurburan
Mission Viejo, CA 92692

  Prophecy: Vocalist at Bar of Music. What happened Baby? Will: Leaves her basketball to Tommy Noel. Future Plans Included:  Attending Glendale College.

Ed Sylvis Sharon came to my rescue in chemistry class. I had a blond foreign exchange student who didn't understand my suggestion to hold the pretty orange part of the heated glass tube with her bare fingers was a stupid joke. Mr. Hoyt and others decided I needed a more intelligent local girl for a Lab Partner. Sharon easily aced the course and drug me along with her for an "A" grading - click on her picture and ask her about it!

Hoyt, Sharon James
23620 Evalyn
Torrance, CA 90505





Huebner, Mentor Charles

Prophecy: One & only member of "Smiling John's waiting for beverly club" Will: Leaves Beverly wearing his senior pin. Future Plans Included: work or junior college -  Presently a retired Los Angeles City Surveyor living in Oregon.  Click on my High School photo to send me a note
Hulderman, John
170 Ewe Creek Rd.
Grants Pass, OR 97526


Prophecy: First lady pole-vaulter. Will: Leaves Butch McClure her book on how to win friends on a beach. Future Plans Included:  Attending Whitworth College along with Jean Louise Walker.


Jackson, Gwen Schenz
1837 E. Lone Rider Way
Tucson, AZ 85737
  Prophecy: Salad tosser at Clifton's Will: Leaves her sense of justice to Miss Maltman.  Future Plans Included: being a pilot.


Jacobsen, Margrethe
3337 Cazador St.
Los Angeles, CA 90065
  Prophecy: Women's hat designer for Andre of Brooklyn. Will: Leaves still trying to outdo Herb Ristow with his grades.  Future Plans Were: Going to work.
Jeffcoat, Ray
26 22nd Ave.
Isle of Palms, SC 29451

  Prophecy: Time operator at UL-8900  Will: Leaves her few quiet words to Mr. Douglas.

Future Plans included: Going to work.

Jeffries, Mary Louise


  Prophecy: Chief tester for Peachy Peroxide. Will: Leaves not a man but ... "A Mouse" Future Plans Included: Forestry work or trade school.


Johnson, Harvey
3205 Descanso Dr., #406
Los Angeles, CA 90026
  Prophecy: President of the Idlers Club. Will: Leaves the grease off his hair.  Future Plans Included:  Being a flight instructor.


Johnson, Ed
9919 Pali Ave.
Tujunga, CA 91042


  Prophecy: Bev Brighouses ever lovin footcrusher.  Will: Leaves, still wondering how he got out.  Future Plans Were: Frank Wiggins Trade School


Johnson, Vernon
122 S. Harold St., #Bx40
Ivanhoe, MN 56142

  Prophecy: Cookie taster at Cal Rey. Will: Leaves her shorthand ability to Burpo. Future Plans Included: Going to work. Presently, a retired elementary school teacher.
Jones, Shirley Craft
149 Valley Oak Dr.

Roseville, Ca. 95678.


  Prophecy: Mouse trap manufacturer. It's a snap! Will: Leaves for a cup of black coffee.  Future Plans Included: Forrestry, Junior College.


Jorgensen Mrs. Kenneth
34598 Rd. #603
Madera, CA 93638


  Prophecy: Author of "How long can it take to get out or E.R." Will: Leaves to collect old age pension.


Katapka, Frank
1580 Glen Aylsa
Eagle Rock, CA 90041


  Prophecy: Balloon blower at Balboa.  Will: Leaves her tan to Dorothy Guyon. Future Plans Were: Going to work.

Chet Piolatto always comments, whenever Dalton's name is  mentioned; "Wow, could that gal ever dance!"

Klepper, Dalton  Feike
16754 E. Avenue X, Sp. 71
Llano, CA 93544


Prophecy: New York's most bored sophisticate.  Will: Wills her Crestline boys to Dotty Heatherington. Future Plans Included: Attending UCLA

Koestner, Pat Allen
3717 Mountain View Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90066



Future Plans Included: Going to business college. Kratzke, Audry J.

  Prophecy: Penny thrower at the Los Feliz Fountain. Will: Leaves to blow up the chem lab at U.C.L.A.  Future Plans Included: Attending UCLA


Lages, Adolphus
5835 York Blvd., #5
Los Angeles, CA 90042


  Prophecy: Model for Superman Comic Strips. Will: Leaves, still collecting his bets off the Rose Bowl Game. Future Plans Included: Going to Junior college First. Pasadena CC then USC.


Lance, Ronald
25581 Via Inez Rd.
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675


  Prophecy: Little Mary Sunshine. Will: Wills her riding ability to Lois Pringle.  Future Plans Included: Going to work.


Leonard, Dorothy Minea
11416 Barranca Rd.
Camarillo, CA 93012


  Prophecy: Pitcher for the Pretty Pink Sox  Will: Leaves her speaking ability to Maryanne Ashline.  Future Plans Included: LACC


Levenberg, Ida Mae


  Prophecy: Still searching for Capt. Kid's burried treasure. Will: Leaves, still counting push-ups.


Lewis, Edwin
2213 NE 5th St.
Ft. Myers, FL 33993


  Prophecy: Penny wrapper at the student store. Will: Leaves still our champion orange thrower.

One has to wonder if Bill still looks exactly like he does here. His sixth grade photo shows this identical serious countenance. Makes one wonder if he ever cried as a new born. I don't believe I ever saw Bill Smile. Ed Sylvis

Lewis, William
2020 Balboa Ave.
Del Mar, CA 92014


  Prophecy: Doctor of Psychiatry in Music Motto: Marquis, Relax.  Will: Leaves gymnastics once again in the hands of the coach.  Future Plans Included: LACC


Lifsey, Harvey
10878 N. 57th Ave.
Glendale, AZ 85304


  Prophecy:  Demonstrator for Crowning Glory Cold Wave.  Will: Leaves his little green job to Mr. Lanz.  Future Plans Included: John Muir.


Logan, Jack
20321 Lake Forest Dr., Ste D3
Lake Forest, CA 92630


  Prophecy: Barritone in the Six Sad Sisters. Will: Leaves her newly formed study habits to Mary Alley. Future Plans Included: Going to Junior college First.LACC then UCLA>


Lorenson, Jeannie Grant
43732 Secure Pl.
Lancaster CA 093534


  Prophecy: Stand in for Sally Rand.  Will: Leaves her eyelashes to the Fuller Brush Company Future Plans: Remained undecided: Glendale C.C. or L.A.C.C. 


MacKay, Flossie Smith
17511 Meredith Dr.
Santa Ana, CA 92705


  Prophecy: Starring in "The Drunkard"  Will: Leaves his dancing abillity to Haupt. Future Plans Included: Glendale College.


Marter, Howard
1690 Sky Dr.
Santa Ynez, CA 93460


  Prophecy: Hair dresser for Gorgeous George.  Will: Leaves for bigger and better things.  Future Plans Included: Glendale College.


Massey, Curtis
4949 Terracita Ln.
La Canada-Flintridge, CA 91011



  Prophecy: Hot Rod Driver for E. R. scooter Co.  Will: Leaves with the boys.  Future Plans Included: Going to work.


McClure, Robert
2411 Cleo Ave.
Anchorage, AK 99516


  Prophecy: Inventer of the first recket ship to reach the moon.  Will: ???  Future Plans Included:  Work first then Getting Married!


McClellan, Carolyn K.

  Prophecy: Pencil sharpener at Santa Anita. Will: Leaves her charming disposition to Nadine McClenahan. Future Plans Included: Work first Then Getting Married!


McMullan, Sheila  Stephens
5367 Kincheloe Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90041


HELP!   Prophecy:Pantie presser at the Eagle Rock-Glendale day nursery. Will: Leaves the long horse with anyone willing to try.  Future Plans Included: Attending some college yet to be decided upon.


McMullen, Walter
608 Via Del Monte
Palos Verdes Pnsla., CA 90274


  Prophecy: Bandage Binder at Billie's Bowling Alley. Will: Leaves her innocent look to Marjorie Heatherington.


Michael, Patricia Hill
10251 SW 155th Ave.
Beaverton, OR 97007




Mock, Charles
12960 Dronfield Ave., #131
Sylmar, CA 91342


Will: Leaves to join Bobbie again. Prophecy:  Window washer for the spitting monkey at the Griffith Park zoo.

Moore, David
17409 Arminta St.
Northridge, CA 91325


This 1949 oxy photo courtesy of Ralph Potter Prophecy: Grave digger at Forrest Lawn  Will: Leaves quietly and sedately as ever. Future Plans Included: Occidental College.

I lost track of LaVonne Bennett about 2 years ago -- sort of all of a sudden  we were tentatively planning to have lunch then when I emailed her to verify it there was no reply.  She was having some health problems and I don't know her children.  The only person who might know is Joan Woodward Toby in Santa Maria.  The other names on the list are from the dim, distant past.    Jean Cooke Bannigan

Moore, LaVonne Bennett
1763 Royal Oaks Dr., Apt. D5
Bradbury, CA 91010


  Prophecy: Morale booster for big bad boys.  Will: Leaves to visit her relatives in the zoo.   Future Plans Included:  Nuurse's Training 

Breezy Goldman Reports when asked about Mary:



Mossoni, Mary Wollam
52 Corte Oriental
Greenbrae, CA 94904


  Prophecy: Lantern polisher for the Eagle Rock Construction Co. Will: Leaves E.R.H.S. minus a piano mover.   Future Plans Included: The Coast Guard


Nesheim, Kenneth
45 High Meadow Rd.
Hamden, CT 06517


  Prophecy: Record spinner for Carl Bailey, tallest man in radio.    Will: Leaves her height to Norman Scott.   Future Plans Were: Going to work.


Ortega, Emma
4149 Verdugo Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90065


HELP!   Prophecy: Hateful head hunter in Borneo.  Will: Leaves her cynical gaze to Nancy Boyden.


Overman, Mary
122 Franklin
New Bremen, OH 45869
  Prophecy: Designer of camisoles and petticoats for Today's Women.  Will: Leaves to win the next "Fuzzy Wuzzy" contest  Future Plans Included: Pierce Agricultural College.

Question: Did the "MB" suntan initials - Really stand for "my back" or Marcia someone?

Pack, Robert
9819 Coral Dr. SW
Lakewood Ctr., WA 98498



Prophecy: Pearl diver at Sandy's Seafood Grill.  Will: Leaves still wondering how she did it.Future Plans Included:  Going to work

Parker, Grace L.


  Prophecy: Ice cream peddler at Eagle rock Baseball games. Will: Leaves Keith, but not for long.  Future Plans Included:   Going on to work.


Payton, Juanita Patterson
968 Santa Helena Park Ct.
Solana Beach, CA 92075


  Prophecy: Social editor of the Eagle Rock Sentinel.  Will: Leaves to take the "Best Dressed Man" trophy.  Future Plans Included:  going to art school or Junior college.


Peppin, David
14814 Becky Ct.
Oak Forest, IL 60452


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