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Ed Sylvis 12-23-1929 – 12-29-2019        

               Ed passed away at the age of 90 from heart failure but he got to pass away peacefully at home surrounded by family & friends. Ed is survived by his daughter and grand daughters and various others I can not think of at the moment. He was a 3rd generation contractor, successful businessman with his own established company. Ed had a passion for life and living life to its fullest. I can not think about what else to write about this amazing man, if you had the pleasure of getting to know him or be in his life you know what kind of person he was.  I’m still taken aback by his loss very hard to think he isn’t with us any longer.

If you have any wishes or thoughts to pass along to his family I’m sure you all know how to contact them, if not please send to ed@seismicsafety.com and I will pass them along.


Today is December 31st 2019 and unless someone else takes on this project this will be the final update to this website and it will run until it does not any longer.

As Ed would have said “keep on keeping on”



Robert H. Schumacher

Bob, or "Schu" to his friends, passed away peacefully in his sleep on September 5, 2007, of sudden natural causes. He attended Stockton College, College of the Pacific, and UCLA Medical School. 

He married Martha Sheffield (Hoover High) June 25th, 1955.  Dr. Schu practiced internal medicine in Long Beach, CA, for over 30 years.  He was Chief of Staff, Medical Director, and on the Foundation Board at Long Beach Community Hospital (LBCH). 

Bob loved his family, his many friends, music, retirement life in Trinidad, CA, golf and Google.   He performed harmonica, banjo, mandolin, and voice in the Rockin' Rangers garage band.

Bob is survived by his brother Thomas and Lorraine Schumacher of Surprise, AZ; son Mark and Suzanne Schumacher of San Diego; daughter Ann and Bill Condon of Eureka; and six grandchildren: Julia and Alec Condon; Robert, William, Therese Ann, and Thomas Schumacher.  Bob’s sister, Barbara Jean Schumacher Dunn, predeceased him. 

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the Memorial Building Fund at the United Methodist Church of the Joyful Healer (707/ 839-5691) Bob and Martha started, Community Hospital of Long Beach, or a charity of your choice.


Robert Altheuser      ( waiting for content)

Waiting for data

Jim Barnes       ( waiting for content)

Waiting for data


Victor Bastian Born 1930 passed September 2006 Lung Cancer http://www.executivesoftulsa.org/BastienHubbardEmail.htm


Don Baumgarten was another very good friend but he became popular and so he did not have much time for me. I found out from my young Brother, Don had died of a heart attack.   John Hulderman

Waiting for data

Bob Berryhill

"killed in railroad accident in Alaska circa 1950-- more details requested"

Howard Beaver

Lambert Boehm      ( Pending content)

Waiting for data

  Muriel Boiseclair 

 (Reported deceased by Bob Class - Lung Cancer Oct. 2004)

Richard Brown      ( waiting for content)

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Theris Brown      ( waiting for content)

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Eldon Buscho      ( waiting for content)

Waiting for data

Joel Cohee committed suicide before our fortieth reunion. He was an excellent surfer but allegedly drowned himself in the Malibu area. He was a successful psychiatrist.

Waiting resolution of conflicting stories.

Morris Coon      ( waiting for content)

Waiting for data

Maxine Cotant      ( waiting for content)

Waiting for data



Daetwyler, Arnold

Reported deceased by Gloria Rust. complications of prostrate cancer

Laurie Darlington      Waiting for revised content from (Polly Marcia Babcock Skolnick)


Betty Dean       ( waiting for content)

Reportedly succumbed to cancer in South America

Bill Dikeman      ( waiting for content)

Waiting for data

  Carol Edwards

 Reported deceased by Jan Harmon  no details to date

Gwen Evans      ( waiting for content)

Waiting for data

Alan Ferguson      ( waiting for content)

Waiting for data

Jane Glazbrook      ( waiting for content)


Jim Grant      ( waiting for content)

died of Cancer. I was at his funeral and spoke with Jeanne Lorenson Grant his wife. Jim is buried in Lancaster. Chet Piolatto

John Greydon      ( waiting for content)



Pat Hall      ( waiting for content)

First death in our class. Auto accident.

Dan Hansen went to medical school at UCLA with me. He was a cardiologist
living in the Hemet area. He died suddenly, apparently of a massive heart
attack while sitting in his rocking chair. Bob Schumacher



Patsy Harper      ( waiting for content)



Nancy Hawkins      ( waiting for content)


John Holcomb      ( waiting for content)



Harry Holdredge      ( waiting for content)


I don't remember when Gene was killed but I do remember he was my very best friend. We used to play tennis together. He would always play NET and I would always play in the back court. Of all of the times we played together we NEVER had an argument. John Hulderman

Killed at the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea shortly after the Red Chinese came across the Yalu River. Chet Piolatto

Gene Hutchinson    Donald Smyth wrote Friday, May 6th, 2005 asking about Gene. Please send anything you know - we will publish it here best we can. Use any mail box on this site!


Bill Jacobson      ( waiting for content)


Gene("Mouse"} Johnson  passed away, August 2006, after a long battle
with diabetes.  This was confirmed by his brother, Richard ("Dick") 
Johnson (S-47). 


John Johnson      ( waiting for content)



Marilyn Lee      ( waiting for content)


Richard Lee      ( waiting for content)



Edith Longworth      ( waiting for content)


   On June 12th, 2005 Jerry Craft W'-47 wrote:


Georgia McVicker Died

(Mrs. Harold Cass—Harold was an architectural engineer and a graduate of ERHS S-46) died a couple of years ago.  Don't recall the exact time, but somewhere around the first of 2003 rings a bell.  Both she and Harold, who moved to their retirement home in the San Bernardino Mountains around 1990, were some of the best people on earth, and we always valued their friendship. 


Prophecy: Star of theHarold Cass production "Orchids To You" Will: Leaves to wait for Harold  Future Plans Included:  Working for a while.



 Dorothy Mullen      ( waiting for content)


Terry O'Hara Most of the guys will remember playing two hand touch football with Terry O'Hara He was a grinning, taunting, willow of the wisp, one was lucky, indeed, just to touch him with one hand let alone two.   Ed Sylvis


Carol Rapson died of complications to Diabetes. She had evidence of carotid
artery disease and may have had a stroke. Bob Schumacher Photos of Carol & Ron, to the right from 1949 Oxy year book courtesy of Ralph Potter


Ron Reitano      Killed 1957 - Navy Jet

 Robert Schumacher 2007 (heart)?


Larry Shinoda:  Auotomobile designer: 1963 Split Window Corvette; Z/28 Camaro as well as other numerous GM show cars. He moved to Ford in the late sixties, he came on as head of Ford’s Special Design Center where he was responsible for the Torino Cobra with it’s powerful 428-cu.in.engine as well as designing the Boss 302 Mustang and offering up the name “Boss” for the project .Submitted by Ed Sylvis 

Heart failure: November 13, 1997


Virginia Soikkeli - who of you have any information about Viginia's passing?


 Miriam Todd: died on April 17, 1999.  She was living in Rancho Mirage  for the last 2 or 3 years before that as her home in Santa Monica was being retrofitted after the 1994 earthquake.  Several years before, she had series of strokes which left her unable to walk or take food by mouth.  She was confined to a wheel chair, when attending the reunion prior to the most recent 2003 event.  (reported by Edna Burke Seng) Thank you Edna   1950 Oxy photo from Ralph Potter ~ Thank you again Ralph

Stroke 1999

Ken Vogt       ( waiting for comments)

 Brain Cancer - More details requested.

Jean Lorreta Walker (little Jean)      ( waiting for content)



Bill Wolthers      ( waiting for content)


COUNT 55 Known passings

AS OF 12/31/2019



URGENT!!Unfortunately this will be the final update to this site due to the passing of Ed Sylvis.


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