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About Sharon Hoyt James

Polly Marcia Babcock reports:

"Sharon says we didn't know each other well in high school.  That we became close at Glendale College.  I'll have to take her word on that, as it seems to me we have been soul sisters all our lives!  There are so many memories;  Sharon, Bev Schultz, Myrna (who married Ken Vogt), and I all getting drunk for the first time.  None of us have ever touched Gin again!  Sharon sang at my wedding to Lynn Lomen.  What a beautiful voice!  Even when we haven't been together for ages, we pick up just where we left off -- no matter how long it may have been.  And the years seem to melt away when we get together.  How fortunate I have been in having her wonderful friendship all these years!" 

I AM BEACH MASTER HERE!  Let these early beginnings speak for themselves!




I'm outa this stupid play pen & off to the beach

Just 18 months & already a big time  surfer


Just me and grandma - I cleared the beach


     Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

Swing & Sway I'm okay 5 - Yay Sammy Kaye

 1936  Ready for Kindergarten already


Up in Tulare CA 1942 ready for Jr. High - Almost


Do you remember this photo of these lips being displayed in the senior case?


1947 ready for boys.



WHO? ME! I should have a pool party?

I don't even have a pool!

You kidding, build one?

Hey! Bet I could! Might take 6 Months tho!

First dig the hole.

Next wait six months for contractor to come back

UP< UP, and over the roof top into my back yard! Whoopee

"Pool's in, let the party begin" Erin on top, Katie doing the honors- Two of Sharon's granddaughters

Janice says "Oh my, that's Hilarious

If it was about great grandpa Chet it aint so funny

It wasn't about me - So that makes it Hilarious!!

That Jan! What a Peach! Brought her home grown, hand decorated, Pear preserves all the way from Oregon.

Dick Royse, Marcia, Pat Sylvis, Dick Deneut

We believe in - HEAVY water here!!


I just don't think I can swallow all of that heavy water Jazz.


We are getting ready to pose - waiting for one more person


I invited some girls. L-R Jan Harmon, Pat Sylvis, Marcia Babcock, ShirleyO Osborn, and me, Sharon Hoyt

Oh Yeah! We invited a few boys too! L-R Dick DeNeut, Dick Royce (Harmon), Ed Sylvis, Steve Skolnick (Babcock), Chet Piolatto, Ralph James (Hoyt) 

Jan says "you" - Marcia says "No, No way! - it was YOU!"

Marcia says "Jan says, Marcia is always right"

Tell us true, Jan,  you didn't say that? Did you?

It doesn't look like Ed's buying the water.

We even got Sharon's granddaughter, Katy, to give us an authentic "Hula Show"



Thank you for visiting our 2004 Pool Party ~ Sharon & Ralph James




ROADSIDE REST By ~ Polly Marcia Babcock Skolnick

The Muscle Beach Hamburger stand, and landmark, reportedly could be easily reached using "The Red Car"  "This is the beach most frequented by Eagle Rockians." A bunch of us (I don't remember who.  Maybe someone else does.), always went to Roadside Rest.  Took the 5 car from Eagle Rock, then caught the Red car downtown.  Sometimes we would walk down to the Santa Monica Amusement Pier.  Still in our swim suits, mind you.  Boy, I sure wouldn't do that now!  This one time some of us went on the Roller Coaster, I left my street clothes with the ones that were smart enough to stay "on land".  When fire trucks raced down to the other end of the pier, sirens screaming, the land group ran after them, leaving my clothes behind.  When we were all in one place again, my street clothes weren't.  Soooo, all the way home on the street cars, transfers and all, in a swim suit!  Don't ask me why I was the only idiot to have gone on the Roller Coaster in my swim suit - I have no idea.  The things I do remember was that darn Coaster (haven't been on one since) and the very long trip home.

Sharon wrote of Marcia

Marcia was the first person to smile and welcome me to ERHS. I do mean smile, her eyes smiled right along with that friendly grin. We were good friends, not close, but who could not like Marcia. She was one of the first to wear ballet slippers to school, remember those? She was always laughing with her best friend Bev Schultz. Marcia was fun to be around, funny and sassy I've heard someone say. After HS Marcia and I and lots of other Marquis went on to Glendale College. She was engaged to an Occidental College football player, and she and her friends loved the night games. We traveled on busses to Santa Barbara and San Diego, it was great fun. Marcia lives contentedly in Carson City Nevada with her husband Stephen. She's still pretty, adorably funny and still loved by all. I'm happy to say she's one of my very best friends now and always.

Mary Conaway

Eddie Sylvis Polly Babcock Janice Harmon Chester Piolatto Sharon Hoyt

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