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My Great-granddaughter Sirena

She is just as sweet as she is cute. They are 2 of the proudest parents you'll ever see. They didn't think they could have children, but after 10 years of marriage, here is little Sirena Grace Morton..............




Gloria Rust's Great Granddaughter Emily

Gloria Rust's Great Grandson Luke

A Christmas letter from Don Smyth included these photos of his grandson, Andy & the family border collie, Candy. The signature and note to the left, was Andy's personalization on the back of the envelope. Andrew can't kick the ball, so  he puts it on his shoulder and runs across the yard yelling, "Run, Candy, run" 

Chester Piolatto Does it again!

This is my thirteenth grandchild and ninth grandson. Six of the grandsons carry the Piolatto name. My lord we may go on forever.

12:25 am, July 6, 2005 Jack Carson Piolatto, weighing 5lb. 11oz and 18˝" tall, joined the Piolatto clan, with Parents, pictured above: Chet's 50 year old son, David and Chet's 38 year old daughter in law, Karen (Isn't she a beauty?)

Jack safe at home with Mom, July 22


Mary Conaway Clark's Grand Kids at an Oregon beach July 5th 2005 - Where do we suppose that red hair came from?: Left to right; Colton, the oldest, he is nine. He plays soccer and baseball. Cortney is eight. She plays soccer, takes dance and piano lessons. Chayne is six. He also plays soccer. The baby, Christopher is three. All are in some sort of school this year. I think Christopher is in pre pre kindergarten if there is such a thing. They all live in Manhatten Beach Ca.  How about some of you others, shouldn't your Grand Kids be here too? - Send us an e-mail with photo

Top row: Jon (Mary's Son-in-law), Kitsie (How is Kitsie related?), Terry (Mary's daughter) - Middle row: Christopher, Colton, and Chayne

Bottom Row: Grandma Mary, Cortney, Grandpa Don

Potter Writes of two sons. "I lag a generation behind many of our schoolmates. I attach a picture not of a grandchild, but of my own son, Benajah, born September 2, 1988, shown in September, 2005, at a table in the Dining Hall in Lowell House, one of the Harvard undergraduate residences. He will be going off to college in the fall of 2007.

 A second shot was taken in October, 2006, at an party held in honor of my retirement as Professor Emeritus of Social Ethics at Harvard Divinity School My son, Andrew, a computer whiz in Brooklyn, NY, is standing on the left,  Christopher, a sixteen year old Honor Roll junior at Brookline High School in the Boston suburbs, is along side him. Ben, who was the starting tight end on Arlington High School’s varsity football team last fall, is seated next to me.  Another son, James, is a lawyer in San Mateo, California, and was not able to be present. Two daughters, Anna and Margaret, also missed the occasion.