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Dick Schenz has searched and found Morey Elmore's daughter, Beverly, who in turn furnished us with some very nice pictures and words. We are hoping to locate Mike Lomen, who will give us even more.

"First be a gentleman, then a student, and then an athlete."

Morey Elmore attended Jefferson High School in L.A.   He was on the track team & played football while there.
He went on to USC in '32, graduating in June '36.  While at USC, he played Basketball for 2 years, was on the track team (doing pole vault, broad jump, high jump, 100 yd. dash, & high hurdles), and lettered in rugby for 3 years.  He has the distinction of being the first Trojan ever to make the all-around athletic fraternity Sigma Delta Psi as a freshman.
He paid for a big part of his college expenses by doing Hollywood stunt work.
After graduating from USC, he was given a fellowship by USC to teach & earn his secondary teaching credential.
He returned for his Masters degree in '40.  He continued with his education through the years, receiving counseling & administrative credentials.
He was hired in '37 as a P.E. teacher at Eagle Rock High, also teaching math & science.  He began coaching Varsity Basketball in '38, and Track in '45.  He met his future wife, Beatrice, through a fellow teacher/coach, and married her in Dec. '40.
In Sept. '42 he enlisted in the Army Air Corps where he attended OCS and became a Physical Training Officer for 2 years, then a Vocational/Educational Counselor for 2 years.
He returned to teaching/coaching at Eagle Rock in '46.
During his years of coaching Basketball & Track, he coached quite a few "All-City" athletes & a few "League MVPs".  And his teams won a few League Championships. 
He retired from coaching Track in '68, and from coaching Basketball  in '70, spending his remaining 3 years at Eagle Rock as a teacher & counselor.  As part of his legacy, two of his former student athletes replaced him as coaches when he stepped down.  In '71 he was honored with the "Morey Elmore Classic", a Christmas Holiday City Invitational Basketball Tournament held at Eagle Rock.
In Oct. '73 he took an early retirement due to health problems (heart).  He & Bea spent the following years traveling and attending as many Eagle Rock & USC games as possible.  He kept in touch with many of his former student athletes, seeming to run into someone wherever he traveled.  More than one of his former student athletes has remembered him by his words: "First be a gentleman, then a student, and then an athlete."

John Oden, Les Fredrickson, Roy Jae (seated) Athletic director Morey Elmore (1952)

Retirement dinner with wife Bea at "The Great Scott" Restaurant October 1973



Did you have any classes with this guy, who was he?

Dick Schenz reports: This is Mr. Stock. I didn't have any classes with him, however he was sponsor of our service organization, The Knights.



Morey Elmore by Dick Schenz

Mr. Elmore was my coach at Eagle Rock High in 1947 and ’48. I have been trying to find some biographical information about him for some time now with no success. I heard that he passed away some time ago and the cause was cancer.

He was a pole vaulter in high school. Which one I do not know. Morey told me that he went to USC where Dean Cromwell was coach. For those who do not know, Dean Cromwell was one of the best track coaches of all time. He had track champions in the 1928, ’32 and ’36 Olympics, (http://frankwykoff.com/national.htm). 

I believe that Morey went to USC in about 1932. One time he told me that he went there to learn from Dean Cromwell and become a champion. He went on to say that a couple of guys showed up in his class named Sefton and Meadows. Well, William Sefton and Earle Meadows went on to become Olympic champions and world record holders. They vaulted 14’ 11” – yes, both of them. Although not related, they were known as the “Vaulting Twins”.

 Morey didn’t say how well he did as a vaulter at USC, but he obviously learned a great deal about the technical aspects of the event. When he coached us at ER, he had us doing things that most of the college vaulters in the area didn’t know about. That’s one reason both Bill Swan and I cleared 12’. ER was the smallest school in the city. There were about ten or so vaulters in the city that had cleared 12’, 6 were in the Valley league and 2 at ER. That tells me the coach knew what he was doing!

 The meet with North Hollywood that is described in the “Daily News” article brings back one memory of Mr. Elmore helping me out.  I had been having some difficulty in clearing the heights because they were higher that I had ever gone. He nonchalantly walking past me on the pole-vault runway. - With is hand partially covering his mouth, he said, “Delay your pull up a little.” It worked. 

                                                                        Dick Schenz

McSweeny by Ralph Potter

Here is a picture of Mr. McSweeney lifted from the photo of the ERHS faculty
in the 1948 Totem. I was in his class on "Senior Problems." He was the
problem. He tried to uphold the teachings of his Roman Catholic heritage by
warning us that he had a friend who worked in a condom factory and knew that mischievous employees would poke holes in every tenth condom.

In my basement I may have bits and pieces from the Senior Problems class,
but I won't be able to get down there for some time.

Mr. Douglass

 Sharon Hoyt reports: This is Mr. Douglass he conducted rather boring classes in government. Sharon further tells us that Bev Schultz's comment was. "Just passing Mr. Douglass in the hall, made me sleepy." 



Mrs. Utzinger   by John Hulderman  I haven't seen a picture of her but she was a very friendly math teacher. I can remember when she gave me a final grade in algebra 3 She gave me a C and I thanked her because I knew I deserved a D.  When I was in school I was not  the best in math but after I graduated I became a Licensed Land Surveyor with the City Of L.A. where you had better know Trig. and Geometry Or "'FORGET IT" John Hulderman

  Who? by who
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  Who? by Gwen Jackson Schenz
  MRS. HATCHER by Dick Schenz
  Ruth Stubbs Hill by Ralph B. Potter
  Who?  by Janice Harmon

Lesperance by Marcia Babcock Good grief, why me?  Mrs. Lesperance scared me to death!  Her big ole' earrings that made her ear lobes seem a foot long.  Ten feet tall, as I remember!  I was told her maiden name was "Smart" and that she was the Smart half of "Smart and Final".  That Mr. L., who I think had "passed on" (probably from fear) was also wealthy, and that Mrs. Lesperance taught because she "loved children".  Anyone who believed that last thing was certainly a much stronger person than I was.  She would point at me and yell "Senorita Babcock", and my stock answer was "No Se".  Please forgive the Spanish spelling, I flunked Spanish I twice!  Mrs. L. called my mother in and asked her if I was good in math, as people so poor (bad really) in language were usually very good in math.  That, unfortunately, was not the case.  But I must say, I loved Mrs. Hatcher.  Her dry sense of humor was incredible!

Lesperance by John Hulderman

I had Mrs. Lesperance for Spanish 1 and 2 and I learned to say "No sabe nada". One of my problems with her was that I had Mrs. Redfield first and I could understand her but then I was transferred to Lesperance and she sounded altogether different. Lesperance Gave me a B the first 10 weeks but she told me that no one had ever gone "from a "B" down to a "D" but You Did it" Editorial comment: Going from a "B" down to a "D" might very well be another glaring example of "teacher failure"

  Who?  by Mary Conaway

Olin B. Hoyt (Chemistry)

A NOTE OF INTEREST: My lab partner in Chemistry was, Sharon Hoyt, (no relation to Olin B. that we know of) Olin ran a tight ship and I was getting a "B" until the final exam result closely bordered on an "A" And he said "Sylvis, tell me why water doesn't burn and you will have earned an "A" That opportunity gave me more courage to bargain for a higher reward than any other ERHS event.  Ed Sylvis

The only teacher I really adored was Mr. Hoyt, he was real. The others I might write about would turn out to be comic pieces. Except for coach Morey who every girl in school was drooling over. Sharon Hoyt James



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