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Today seems to be the day to stroll down memory lane. I too have some very fond memories of E.R.H.S

The acrobatics of Ed Sylvis. ( diving out a second story window and performing a perfect flip in mid air) His  way to exit the building in case of fire. 

The football games, the school dances, dancing cheek to cheek with Juanita Payton ( one of my early loves that only I was aware of) Muscle beach with Harvey Lifsey and Dick Getzelman. The Charles Atlasís of our day. Many a great time was had at Santa Monica pier. The roller coaster and few other places that come to mind.

How about those Easter Vacations at Balboa. Many wild times were had. There was Corky Schneider in his 1930 something Chevy and the rest of us in our model Aís There was Kenney Nesheim, Cal Drake, Bob Ashline, Walt Schreiner, Chuck Mock, Al Powell, Connie Conover and a few of the lesser rowdy crowd were also present. How alive we were.

Then there was the spice of life the ladies. Marcia, Sharon, Mary (The brat), Janice, Juanita Payton, Pat Smallcomb, Gwen Evans, Bev Schultz ( the quiet but cute one), Pat Koestner ( loved her energies), Dalton Klepper ( That gal could dance) and so many more. All the wonderful ladies which were really the bright spots in the guys lives. We were too busy or too dumb to realize it. Our apologies ladies.

 The school administration and teaching staff to which we owe so much. Bob Kelly, One of the finest men I ever knew. He left a real impression on me. In more than one way. John Shepard, The drill sergeant. Did you ever see him smile? I donít remember if they were Miss or Mrs.  My personal nemesis was Hatcher. As hard as she tried she couldnít teach me anything. Then there was Carpenter, Hill and my favorite If You Canít Beat Em Cheatham. She was really under the impression she could teach us kids about life when we already knew it all. Didnít  we? The coaches Elmore and  Berry were a lot more than coaches. The guys could go to them with all sorts of problems. Today they would be fired for talking to us the way they did. We all came away better men because of them. I didnít know much about the ladyís coach so I will have to leave that subject to the gals

 I know we owe all of the above principals and teachers  much more than we can ever repay. We were fortunate to have the caliber of people we had teaching us.

And then came graduation. We were going to be turned loose on the public. Some to go to work, some to college, and some into the various military services. To those who went into the military and didnít return I salute you.

 I feel we grew up in a time  where we learned the value of family and friends. We learned to respect others and their property. Since we  were all depression babies we probably learned early on the value of a dime. World  war two took us into a period of our lives where we faced confusion, separation from loved ones, loss of loved ones, rationing.  

 I think we grew up to be very responsible people and I am proud to call you my friends.  

                                       The Desert Rat, Chet Piolatto        


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Did you're future plans hold true?


Prophecy: Exclusive hair stylist for Max Factor. Will: Leaves still starring in "Campaign For Love"  Future Plans Were: Going to work.


Pery, Mayo

5939 Sandwick St. San Antonio, TX 78238


Prophecy: Boy-Girl Relations instructor at Eagle Rock Elementary  Will: Leaves his lovely black curls to Eleanore Meyers. Presently a retired aircraft construction manager and an eight time Great Grandfather. Click his photo to ask him a question.

Piolatto, Chester


Palmadale, CA 93551




Prophecy: Author of FAMOUS LOVE LETTERS. Will: Leaves his gentle voice to Mary Ann Future Plans Were: Going to work.   Retired from produce pacaging & marketing.


Pitkin, Fritz

1201 Highland Blvd., Apt. A320

Boseman, MT 59715







Prophecy: Tattoo Artist at Ocean Park  (baseballs done free)  Will: Leaves his basketball talents to Mr. Sering Fascinatingly Potter ended his 1997 Convocation Address at Harvard with: There remain two humorously awkward matters. Here I am, in this high pulpit, contending for glory by telling you to resist the temptation of glory. Two thousand years ago, Cicero skewered persons in my position by noting that ďEven philosophers who write books decrying fame sign their names on the title pages.Ē  Moreover, if I had followed, early in my career, the advice I am now giving, I would not be here to deliver it. When my turn comes up again, I will address such issues. 

Potter, Ralph

7 Swan St.

Arlington MA 02476



Prophecy: Parrot trainer at The Mocambo. Will: Leaves his worn out razor blades to Norman Scott.  Future Plans Included: work then Jr. College. Retired Glendale USD, councelor.

Potter, Robert

23144 Skylink Dr., Canyon Lake CA 92587, 909 246-7785



Prophecy: Cement mixer at "The Pretty Putty Building Inc."  Will: Leaves the candy in the student store to Mr. Powell.  Future Plans Included: Getting Married!  Retired


Ritchie, June Tyler 1268 Winchester Ave. Glendale, CA 91201, 818 546-2278; tyler022866@aol.com


Prophecy: Prohibition Party's dark horse. Will: Leaves his bottles of peroxide to Richard Kemplin.  Future Plans Were: Going to work.


Ristow, Herb

2240 Souckak Dr.

Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406, 520 453-2161


Prophecy: Handball instructor for Mr. Kelley.  Will: Leaves.  Future Plans Were: Going to work.  Retired from telephone company.


Rizuto, Jack

10629 E. Roseglen St. Temple City, CA 91780


Prophecy: Still making a dash for Dorsey High   Will: Leaves his quiet attitude to Jim Bertsch. Future Plans Were: Frank Wiggins Trade School

Reported deceased in 2001 edition ERHS Alumni Directory. Reported alive and well April 24, 2004 by Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Craft (thank you all for that) and congratulations to you Don. Could you update us with contact info - what's doing now & maybe a recent photo email would also be welcome - thanks Ed Sylvis

Roberts, Donald                 2837 Moss Ave., L. A., CA 90065, 323 257-1317



Prophecy: As always has "That plastered down look"  Will: Leaves his major place on the front lawn to Darryl Beatty. Future Plans Included:  Santa Monica J. C.   Retired


Robsahm, Albert

536 21st St. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266



Prophecy: Drum majorette for the Eagle Rock W.C.T.U.  Will: Leaves to lead the Rose Parade.  Future Plans Were: Frank Wiggins Trade School Accounting; Wal-Mart


Rounds, Dorothy Allen 307 Avenida Del Mar, Apt B

San Clemente, CA 92672


Prophecy: Painter of birds in their gilded cages. Will: Leaves her cheerful smile to Dick Stone.

No Totem Photo 

Rowan, Dorothy

125 N. Buena Vista San Jose, CA 95126



Prophecy: Billboard painter on Miracle Mile. Will: Leaves her soft sweetness to Al Licht.  Future Plans Included: Attending UCLA Retired Teacher/ owner


Russell, Mary Roeser 746 N. River Ln. Coleville, CA 96107


Prophecy: Head waitress at Murphy's in Crestline. Will: Leaves to visit Garry in the hospital. Future Plans Were: Going to work. Retired, directory assistance operator, Pacific Bell -

Needless to say I didn't go to work at Murphy's or continue to date Gary. I married just after my 19th birthday to a man from Highland Park. We had 2 daughters and were divorced after 23 years of marriage. I did go to work as a waitress at the Eagle Rock Lanes after it opened. Worked there 2 years and then went to work at All Star Lanes  for 18 years. Then I went to work for Pacific Bell for 15 1/2 years and retired from there on Dec. 4th. 1994. Moved to Oroville, CA. and lived there 2 years and then returned to Southern CA. Been here ever since.

Click on my photo to send me an email - Check soon on the grandkids Ed will be putting up a lovely photo.



Rust, Gloria Milovic 1125 W. Arrow Hwy #3 Upland CA 91786-4467



Prophecy: Author of "How To Fly in Ten Easy Pole Vaults."  Will: Leaves wearing his own track medals. Future Plans Included: Glendale College. Presently a retired electrical engineer and a retired Jet fighter pilot with a multitude of fascinating hobbies. Click his photo to ask him a question.

Schenz, Richard

1837 E. Lone Rider Way Tuscon, AZ 85737


Prophecy: Chief molder of pottery patterns. Will: Leaves his darling smile to Blanche Keller. Future Plans Included: Pierce Agricultural College. Retired Meat Cutter, Vons Market


Schneider, John

1205 Redman St. Pasadena, TX 77506



Prophecy: Magician at Eagle Rock's own "Double H Club". Will: Leaves wearing a bandana in his open air car. Future Plans Included: work then trade school.


Schonfeld, Richard 4162 Bedford Dr. San Diego, CA 92116


Prophecy: Chief whale spotter for the Laguna Beachcombers. Will: Leaves Miss Chapman's jeep back in good hands. Future Plans Included: Glendale College.  Homemaker


Schultz, Beverly Brown 11008 Rathburn Ave. Northridge, CA 91326

















Prophecy: Still trying to prove that the knights are a powerful organization. Will: Leaves for Glendale.  Future Plans Included: Attending college of The Pacific.

Retired Physician Martha Hoover Class of 52 married fifty years ago this June. After retiring from active clinical practice in '92, I became Medical Director for Community Hospital of Long Beach, then a three hundred bed hospital. I retired in late '96 and soon became the volunteer chairman of the hospital foundation. The hospital was closed by its new owner, Catholic Health care West. We raised the sufficient funds to restart as an independent stand alone hospital. We were successful and it is still alive and growing slowly in the East Long Beach area.. We then decided that it was time to move closer to one of our two kids. Mark, 47 lives with his wife and four kids in San Diego, still part of the metropolitan scene. Our daughter Ann lived in Eureka CA with her husband and two kids. We had visited them many times through the last 14 years and finally we found a home in Trinidad, a magnificent seaside  village in Humboldt County about twenty miles North of Eureka. Naturally we had to find a new church, new dentists and physicians. I have joined a local Rock band called the Rockin' Rangers and play harmonica, banjo and do a few vocals. We have performed three times in a local night club.. It is a lot of un to practice. Martha and I both work out in a physical therapy gym three times a week. It is cooler and wetter up here but you get used to it and the population density is far more to our liking.. I don't see well enough to play golf any more and Martha does all the driving. We have joined several clubs here to get to know more people.. Now when we go south to visit, we can hardly wait to get back to the Redwood Curtain. It is like living in the mountains at the beach.. Hope this helps you understand where we are and why we moved. Cheers, Schu---

Schumacher, Robert 295 Westgate Dr., Trinidad, CA 95570
































Prophecy: Mr. Anthony's very able assistant. Will: Leaves Robert's Ranch Market to legal shoppers  Future Plans Included: Taking nurse's training Owner, The Casa Casa Kimberly B&B, 445 Calle Zaragoza,  Jalasco, 32221336 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scott, Carolyn

3960 W. Pt. Loma Blvd., #H200

San Diego, CA 92110


Prophecy: Traffic stopper at Hollywood & Vine (police woman, that is.) Will: Leaves her new cold wave to Bob Whitbord. Future Plans Included: Already Married!  Retired

Shaw, Betty Glassman 15455 Glen Oaks Blvd., Space 372

Sylmar, CA 91342


Need Photos  

Calling Beverly use any mail box to send us some info

Silverst, Beverly





Sloat, Jerry

1909 Marlow St. Thousand Oaks, CA 91360


Prophecy: First lady lumberjack in Garberville California.  Will: Leaves to become Mrs. Gilbert.  Future Plans Included: Already Married!

Smallcomb, Patricia Cullinane 519 Shingletown Rd. Mountain City TN 37683


Prophecy: Jitterbug artist at the Cosmo. Will: Leaves a steady man.  Future Plans Included: Attending Berkeley.  Click my photo to send me an email  Jeannette and I got together with Chet for lunch at Billyís in Glendale prior to our leaving.  It was a swell reunion.  Thanks for helping to set it up. Your friend,  Don Smyth

Smyth, Donnald (NEW) 15446 Brooks Lane,

La Pine OR 97739




Prophecy: Lovely lifeguard at Muscle Beach. Will: Leaves het tan and physical fitness to the sickly Sr. B's.  Future Plans Included: Going to business college.

Soikelli, Virginia

reported deceased 1992


Prophecy: Piano tuner at the Turquoise Room. Will:  Leaves her swing for someone else's back yard.  Future Plans Were: Going to work. Mary Ann is a very productive Glendale Realtor. She was honored Thursday, April 25th with the J. Walter Smith Award for Distinguished Service to GCC.  Plumley, a former student, has supported the college in many special events and contributing to the Cimmarusti Science Center, annual golf tournament, campus beautification. Tell us more

Sorrentino, Mary Plumley

2 Faircliff Ct. Glendale CA 91206


Prophecy: Singing waitress at Clifton's. Will: Leaves her collegiate appearance to Marilyn Merchant  Future Plans Included: Attending Pepperdine College.

Spaulding, Doris Stewart

554 E. Lemon Ave. Glendora CA 91741


Prophecy: Head waitress at Turner's Inn-this is table no. 1. Will: Leaves her "oomph" to Homer Albertson. Future Plans: Remained undecided: USC or San Diego State.

Stevens, Virginia

Prophecy:  Student of the finer things in life.  Will:   Leaves to be "Young Dr. Stout"


Stout, Ronald

1520 N. Circle I Rd. Wilcox, AZ 95643 (502)384-5558


Prophecy:  Will:

Sturm, Bill

Prophecy: Voice of Experience. Will: Leaves his seven famous days to Conable Wills. Future Plans Included: Glendale College.

Sumner, David K.

Prophecy: President of "U-Wash-it Laundry Inc." Will: Leaves Lou lester in the patio by herself.  Future Plans Included: Glendale College.


Sutherland, Donald 37889 Ronald Ct. Catherdale City, CA 92234

Prophecy: Chief tester of "Simmons Beauty Rest." Will: Leaves to be Cotton Cluster King. Future Plans Included: commercial fishing, Glendale college.


Swan, William 323 Coronado Balboa, CA 92661

Prophecy: Speaker on "How to take a picture while doing handstands on the desk."            Will: Leaves Mrs. Hills window to the rest of the birds.   Future Plans Included: Building Construction. Still working hard at it.

Sylvis, Ed

981 Elizabeth St.

Pasadena, CA 91104



Prophecy: Hand writing analyst and palm reader on Olvera Street. Will: Leaves her sewing ability to Parker Hart.

Now, Jean Taylor is one who wrote her name directly across each of the three totem examples entrusted to me. What a chore removing such dark ink, in hopes of preserving Jean's natural beauty. 

Taylor, Jean Becker

9128 Svl Box

Victorville, CA 92392


Prophecy: Model for Enna Jettick Oxfords. Will: Leaves her sparkling eyes to the next lucky engaged girl. Future Plans Included: Getting Married!


Thornhill, Gwen

9421 32nd Ave.

Jackson Hts., NY 11372


Prophecy: The one taking the pain out of Painless Parker. Will: Leaves her dimples.  Future Plans Included: Getting Married!


Trefrey, Carolyn McMahan

25204 Tower Rd.

Barstow, CA 92311


Prophecy: Bow Bearer for Robin Hood in his next picture. Will: Leaves her placidity to Mary Ellen King.


Vancott, Beryl Schindler

348 Shepard L.

Bishop, CA 93514


Prophecy: Blower of smoke rings for Camel's signboard. Will:  Leaves Einstein out of business. Future Plans Included: Occidental College.


Vanderlinden, Graham
1949 Oxy photo courtesy Ralph Potte

Prophecy: Not our class??   Will: Reported deceased by some.



Van Fossen, Betty

Prophecy: Bugler at Santa Anita. Will: Leaves the mile to Keith Rogers.  Future Plans Included: Attending UCLA


Vaughn, Jerry

877 E. Saint James Ln.

St. George, UT 84790


Prophecy:  President of The Eagle Rock Tip Toppers Club. Will: Leaves his Franklin sweater worn out. Future Plans Included: Commercial Art School


Vincent, Herbert

3535 Linda Vista, Sp. Dr. #21

San Marcosm CA 92069


Prophecy: Frilly flute player in the Cucamonga Symphony Orchestra. Will: Leaves her fiery temper Lillian Hopkins.


Voysey, Joyce

Prophecy: Pigeon watcher at Mt. Wilson Observatory. Will: Leaves her quiet modesty to Julia Haas. Future Plans Included:  Attending Whitworth College along with Gwen Jaclson


Walker, Jean Larsen

6205 NE 19th Ave. #Nn280

Vancouver, WA 98665


Prophecy: Hot shot piano player at the bar of music. Will: Leaves Miss Maltman wondering "What's The Joke"?  Future Plans Included: Occidental College


Wall, George

810 Fenway Park

Beaumont, TX 77706


Prophecy: Star ballerina in the "Ballet Russe". Will: Leaves her poise to Cleo Williams.  Future Plans Included: LACC


Wall, Gertrude

7289 Crescent Ln.

Charleston, IL


Prophecy: Basket Ball Center at Mills College. Will: Leaves the drums to Mada's care.

Westheimer, Phyllis

Prophecy: Manager of a date bureau for her younger brother. Don. Will: Leaves to be a good wife to Kenny.  Future Plans Included: Already Married!


Wilber, Joyce May

27101 Capote de Paseo, Apt. C

San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675


Prophecy: Bus Driver for The "Skyline Special". Will: Leaves her dainty dignified walk to Marion Jordan. Future Plans Included: Occidental College.


Woodland, Joan Toby

5635 Antelope Tr.

Santa Maria, CA 93455


Prophecy: Garbage can distributor at Seal Beach  Will: Leaves her dramatic flurries to Esther Tucker.  Future Plans Were: Going to work.


Wright, Mignon

1121 Springcreek Dr.

Modesto, CA 95355

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