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Please let us know if you find errors and/or omissions. Did  your future plans hold true?

  Prophecy: Lipstick taster for Revlon Will: Leaves the track team to "Little Adams"  Future Plans Included: Attending some college yet to be decided upon. Now retired mailto:adidob@prodigy.net.mx
Adams, Robert Eugene
P.O. Box 216
Lukeville, AZ 85341


  Prophecy:: Sulkie driver at Hollywood Park Will: leaves for good he hopes. Future Plans Included:  Working first and then going to school. Now retired from State of California Department of Water Resources
Albaugh, James
4619 Solano Way
Fair Oaks, CA 95628


  Prophecy: Plate Spinner at the Blackouts.  Will: Leaves her seriousness to marily Cummings.   Future Plans Were: Going to work.
Alford, Susan
111 No. Third St.
Salinas, CA 93906


  Prophecy: Advertising manager for John's other lot. Will: Leaves Mr. Lanz still trailing him. Future Plans were:  Undecided whether to go to Pasadena C.C. or Glendale C.C.
Anderson, John
8777 Tulare, Unit #408 E
Huntington Beach, CA 92646


  Prophecy: Bike renter at Griffith Park. Will: Leaves his dainty walk to Doreen Adams. Now retired computer programmer, Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co./Rockwell
Anderson, Robert
480 Cabrillo St.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627


  Prophecy: Still Parading on 9th and Broadway in her Roadside bathing suit. Will: Leaves Lynn to herself.   Future Plans Included: Glendale College 

      Click here oh boy for some bathing suit pinups   Click her photo and send a note, you will be glad you did!!!  Retired Ski Instructor Tahoe Nevada John Hulderman, recently wrote: Marcia, Most of the girls would turn the other way and ignore me. How well I remember you. You were always so friendly and nice. You were the only one that I remember that would ALWAYS  LOOK AT ME WHEN I would say HI AND REPEAT "Hi" back to me.

Babcock, Marcia Skolnick

219 Vista Bonita

Newbury Park CA 91320

Tel 805 498-5156


  Prophecy: Still trying to find a red head to run over. Will: Leaves her gavel to Esther Tucker Future Plans: Remained undecided as to attend USC or UCLA
Bagley, Lois Bridges
331 E. Bay Front
Balboa Island, CA 92662    949 675-2109      


  Prophecy: Camel waterer on the Sahara Desert. Will: Leaves Miss Maltman wondering where she is. Future Plans Included:  Going to Business college.


Baker, Frances Emma


Ballard, Jim

  Prophecy: Banana peeler at Junch and Judy's  Will: Wills her brother, Bud to all the girls.


Ballenger Van, Etta May Hoozer
13303 Wick
Spokane, WA 99216           .509 924-1297


  Prophecy: Book reviewer for the L. A. Times.  Will: Leaves still pounding it out on our poor old drums. Now active Radio/TV announcer/ Owner Bastien Advt.


Bastien, C. Victor
3631 E. 54th St.
Tulsa, OK 74135




Bateman, Ed

  Prophecy: Monkey tamer at the Zamboanga  Will: Leaves with his success with the ladies, to Mr. Morrell.


Bauer, James
9868 Pali Ave.
Tujunga, CA 91042


  Prophecy: Snake charmer at the Catalina Snake Farm.  Will: Leaves her swimming ability to Marion Buck. Future Plans Included: Night School


Bell, Ardena Thomas
P.O. Box 681
Tombstone, AZ 85638         505 542-8264


  Prophecy: Census taker's biggest problem  Will: Leaves to spend more time at home. Future Plans Were: Frank Wiggins Trade School Now retired


Bellamy, Richard
341 Calle Escuela
San Clements, CA 92672


  Prophecy: Mater mind on Kiddie Quiz Will: Leaves never divulging where he found such a darling girl. Future Plans Included: Going to Junior college First. LACC then USC Now retired Set Designer Warner Brothers


Berger, Richard
5310 Aguila
Atascadero, CA 93422


  Prophecy: Ring collector for Griffith Park merry-go-round. Will: Leaves the dice business. It's rather shaky.  Future Plans Included: Attending some college yet to be decided upon.


Berglund, Robert
542 S. Washington St.
Sonora, CA 95370



Future Plans Were: Going to work.

Bernheimer, Laurann

  Prophecy: Hostess at Dreamland Dine and Dance. Will: Leaves Miss Comerford typing her own bulletins.  Future Plans Included: Attending some college yet to be decided upon.  RETIRED TEACHER


Birong, Dorothy McMillen
679 Eden Cir.
Claremont, CA 91711         909 642-6358


  Prophecy: Originator of Unique Jingle Bells. Will: Leaves her jingles to the Colorado Girls.

HOMEMAKER (Reported deceased by Bob Class - Lung Cancer Oct. 2004)

Boisclair, Muriel Johnson
4654 Bersaglio St.
Las Vegas, NV 89135          805 688-8605


  Prophecy: Clock winder at Eastern Columbia Broadway at Ninth  Will: Leaves her long golden tresses to Roger Reitano.  Future Plans Included: LACC


Booth Lorraine Fletcher
5475 Glenhaven Ave.
Riverside, CA 92506           909 781-9087



Future Plans Were: Going to work.

Brown, Theris

Prophecy: Girl about Town.  Will: Leaves her crocheting ability to Glen Moore. Future Plans Included: Night School.

Buckley, Beverly
537 E. University Ave.
Burbank, CA 91504




  Prophecy: Ticket taker at Lucas Kiddie Land. Will: Leaves his refinement and education to Bob Brown.


Bumcrot, Frank
1142 El Paso Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90065


  Prophecy: Asbury bus driver between P.C.C. and Oak Grove Drive.  Will: Leaves her engagement ring to Beverly Pontius. Future Plans Included: LACC

As recent as July 2, 2004  Edna Burke Seng promised some material for our website.

Burke, Edna Seng
2312 La Linda Pl.
Newport Beach, CA 92660      949 515-5198


  Prophecy: Chief assitant to Mr. Morrell.  Will: Leaves happily.  Future Plans Included: Going to business college.


Burke, Mary E.


Prophecy: Flash! The rage of muscle Beach  Will: Leaves his wild ways to Bob Escherlich.      Future Plans Were: Going to work.

Owner of Buscho Farms in Minnesota

Buscho, Vernon R.

775 Hwy. 60 Blvd. Kenyon MN 55946 Tel. 507 789-6355


  Prophecy: Starter at the hot rod races. Will: Wills her oratorical certificates to Marion Miller. Future Plans Included: Glendale College.


 Caflish, Mary Louise
3247 Shasta Cir.
Los Angeles, CA 90065


  Prophecy: Chief cook on a swan farm. Will: Wills her crown to the next beautiful queen. Future Plans Included: Commercial fishing then Glendale College.


Charman, Lois Schlecht
1500 Murray Canyon Dr.
Palm Springs, CA 92264


  Prophecy: Torch singer at the Teen Troc. Will: Wills her dried up violets to Miss Maltman. Future Plans Included: Work * College.


Chilvers, Marjorie Jansen
1353 La Serena Dr.
Brea, CA 92821


  Prophecy: Authority on bird life.  Will: Leaves without his track medals.  Future Plans Included: Attending The University of Colorado. Now retired Manager of Martin Marietta


 Class, Charles (Bob)
281 E. Graves
Littleton, CO 80121 

Tel. 303 798-2138


  Prophecy: Ferry operator at Balboa ferry. Will: Leaves his musical giggle to coach Berry. Future Plans Included: Glendale College. Prof. Emeritus, California State University Los Angeles


 Cole, William
9522 E. Olive St.
Temple City, CA 91780

Tel. 626 286-5066


click joe's photo to email him Prophecy: Window washer at the Y. W. C. A.  Will: Leaves his reserve and dignity to Charles Baker.  Future Plans Were: Frank Wiggins Trade School


Colombatto, Joe
918 Camino Ibiza
San Clements, CA 92672


  Prophecy: Operator of the"U-Wreck Em We Fix Em"  Garage Will: Leaves her talent with Cathedral boys with the lucky girl who can get it. Future Plans Included: Going to business college.

Clam digger extraordinaire and semi retired Brazilian Embroidery Champion

Conway, Mary Clark         1371 Vanderbeck Lane Woodburn OR 97071           503-982-3626

  Prophecy: Braider of the daisy chain at Vassar.  Will: Wills her knitting ability to Barbara Jilson.  Future Plans Included: Attending The University of Colorado.  Did she do it?

Yes.  1952 Graduate, MA CSUN, doctorate UCLA

Cooke, Jean Bannigan
4140 Warner Blvd., #203
Burbank, CA 91505


  Prophecy: Head usher at Utter-McKinley. Will: Leaves Eagle Rock for bigger and better things. Future Plans Included: Occidental College.


Coons, Arthur
240 Via Genoa
Newport Beach, CA 92663


  Prophecy: Boogie player at the Bamba Club in L.A.  Will: Leaves the Eagle Rock Pianos to get rusty.  Future Plans Included: Work then study piano and organ.
Coughenour, Norma Reeves
2242 Cervantes Way
Campbell, CA 95008


  Prophecy: Star of the major production "How come you do me like you do, do, do. Will: Leaves Carol would make up her mind. Future Plans Included: Glendale College.


Cram, Hal
P.O. Box 4651
Glendale, CA 91222


  Prophecy: Test pilot for Comet model planes. Will: Leaves only to return during football season in his own Piper Cub.  Future Plans Included: Going toJr. College or Frank Wiggins before entering The Air Force.


Cummings, Jack
8441 Grand Canal Dr.
Miami, FL 33144


  Prophecy: Just a good :Feller"  Will: Leaves his baseball genius to the Hollywood Stars.  Future Plans Included: work, college.


Daetwyler, Arnold
2315 Cholla St.
Phoenix, AZ 85028


  Prophecy: Inventor of "Tricky Trinkets For Tiny Tots" Will: Leaves his lady killer technique to Donald Brinkman.  Future Plans Included: John Muir C.C. and business.


Davis, jIM
2325 E. Curtis Ct.
Glendora, CA 91741-4003



Prophecy: Still enjoying Mr. Mc Sweeny's little white lies Will:  Leaves with what's left of the radio shop to Mr. Ford.  Future Plans Included: engineering or designing.

There is an age consideration for these events, but inasmuch as I have been club racing for over thirty years, I still get down the hill pretty good.  My main effort now is NASTAR racing, which is National Standard racing competition.  I usually still beat my age handicap for Gold. Other than still working in consulting engineering and specialty manufacturing, I manage to play a little.I like motorcycles, classic sports (old) cars and sailing.  Gotta keep busy, you know.Here's me at Aspen... (I got gold for this run)

Davis, Hugh
1421 Beech St.
S. Pasadena, CA 91030


  Prophecy: Sheriff of Boy's Town. Will: Leaves the Eagle Scream Staff. Finally.  Future Plans: Remained undecided: San Diego State or San Jose State


Dickson, Doreen
P.O. Box 2396
Kamuela, HI 96743


  Prophecy: Managing the "Built Rite" Charm School. Will: Leaves her sweater collection to Barbara Bucholtz.   Future Plans Were: Going to work.


Docken, Phyllis Williams
10314 Las Andas Way
Cupertino, CA 95014


  Prophecy: Model for two piece bathing suits Will: Leaves to raise gardenias for next graduation.


Donohue, Tom
  Prophecy: Still enjoying shapely french fries at Bob's. Will: Leaves her brains in chemistry to Bob DiRienzo. Future Plans Included: Going to Junior college First. Glendale college then UCLA


Donovan, Patricia Maki
2066 Jasmine St.
Oxnard, CA 93030


  Prophecy: Flame Dancer. Will: Wills the suds to Don Stffen.  Future Plans Included: Occidental College.


Bobby Dwyer- I didn't even get a chance to know Bobbie until she was my partner at graduation ceremony practices. Who knows what bobby is doing now? Ed Sylvis
Barbara Dwyer Gosson
294 Danielle Way
Folsom, CA 95630-1753


  Prophecy: Arraigned for bigamy or still undecided. Will: Leaves the Yosemite playground abandoned during noon.  Future Plans Included: Attending UCLA
Edwards, Carol Reimer
15036 E. Los Robles Ave.
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745




Farrer, Donald
  Prophecy: Tie designer for Mr. Hoyt. Will: Leaves Mr. Hoyt to take care of his own kittens. Future Plans Included: work then Occidental.


Fredericks, Pauline Boss
2600 W. La Habra Blvd., No. 107
La Habra, CA 90631
  Prophecy: Lamp Lighter in Lover's Lane. Will: Leaves her torrid make up to Millie Dailey.  Future Plans Included: Work for awhile then Getting Married!


Gates, Barbara
2043 W. 41st St.
Los Angeles, CA 90062


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