Washington, best solution to reduce poverty and food insecurity at D.C: World Bank. The development projects, because of their very nature, have not been able to create alternative sources of livelihood for the majority of those who were displaced (Mishra, 2011). Non-farm livelihood options are pivotal to the sustainable future of mountain people and communities. It organizes the factors that constrain or enhance livelihood opportunities, and shows how they relate. According to an estimate, mega projects like Sardar Sarovar dam on Narmada river are supposed to displace nearly 1 lakh people in India. Lack of co-operation and Support by Gram panchayats and local bodies ; taluka and Zilla Panchayats . • The RFLP can help to identify practical solutions to the complex challenge of livelihood development. The few studies, which are carried out on rural diversification in the Baltics, focus either on household income diversity (Bezemer et al . Recognising and supporting ‘occupational pluralism’ by careful analysis of the factors that currently constrain it would seem to be one productive direction for future fisheries management and development. Consequently, the topics of diversification and alternative livelihood sources are of great importance for the sustainable development of the rural Baltics. Sustainable livelihood has been a focal point in many development initiatives by private and public sectors in most African countries. Lack of co-operation and support by Government department . pp. Charcoal production generated the biggest source of income for all producers, provided start-up capital required for other income generating activities and was prioritised by some over alternative livelihood strategies such as agriculture. Situations of lack of livelihood diversity may have arisen as a result of inappropriate fisheries management and development interventions. 177-179.2008. In areas with high levels of poverty, such as Ghana, these approaches could be instrumental because they provide local communities with an alternative source of livelihood (Milder et al. Therefore, livelihood diversification strategies have a positive effect and the [1] World Bank “Agriculture for Development Policy”. 4 North West lowland Sorghum/Sesame mixed livelihood system 16,379 729 19 43.4 Low 109 15% 5 Western Coffee/Maize livelihood system 3,822 7,262 97 44.2 High 3,631 50% 6 Southern pastoral livelihood system 2,517 1,601 13 44.9 Low 240 15% 7 Eastern highland mixed livelihood system 1,379 7,371 56 43.5 Medium 3,686 50% • When moving from traditional livelihoods like agriculture and fisheries, the transition is difficult. so has a great opportunity to demonstrate the importance of approaching livelihood development as a complement to fisheries management. It can help plan development activities and assess the contribution that existing activities have made to sustaining livelihoods. A wide range of alternative income sources needs to be explored, understood and promoted, including rural enterprise development, collection of medicinal plants and other herbs, tourism, wage labor and remittance work. Yet, charcoal production was not perceived as a desirable livelihood activity. 2010). Government intervention , Non co-operation by PRIs and line departments .Anti people –policy. Lack of support from print media and public . However artisanal fishers in the main lakes of Africa are faced with several alternative decisions to improve their livelihood sustainably. Lack of continued follow up by networks . In a Word The sustainable livelihoods approach improves understanding of the livelihoods of the poor. The Mandera triangle administration lack harmonized approach in dealing with control or management of the ... livelihood alternatives and be self-reliant.

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