They are just entirely random. Kill three of them and destroy the ratch nest. Ace will tell you on the radio that you have done your job and then you have to put the medical supplies on the table at Ace’s place. Ignore the tracking in Orbit, it’s completely broken, the numbers are all wrong (based on version 1.01). You will see a cage with Naoko inside. MastaMind82 (MastaMind82) September 25, 2019, 12:50pm #2. Invasion of Privacy These two side missions not appearing as completed (even when i have beaten all three areas) are preventing this achievement from popping up. The final clue is on the prison bed. The third NOG is even farther and has the same fate. You have to flip three switch breakers now and in the Bar, Artemis is going to spawn. Does this still count for the Trophy ? Reward: Money | Area: Meridian Outskirts. When you play the main mission “Hostile Takeover” this quest gets unlocked. The same as Healer and dealers. marks and said “mission giver” I think what we are running into as that the game is saying you can accept the missions at multiple locations, except when you go to that are on the map the mission isn’t at that location and only at one of them, like the vr mission is accepted after killing mouthpiece. Interacting with her will cause several enemies to spawn. It’s even marked with the name. Better to go through it map by map individually to make sure you’re not missing anything. Required fields are marked *. Reward: $ 3.838 + possible time-related Money-Bonus. mars 27, 2020 By Chris Watson. 106 1 minute read. Did i have to do this with the Same character ? On each of the planets side missions are hidden, we want to show you all these missions, where they sarten and how you can solve them! Make sure you do EVERYTHING linked on the page here (including trials and circles of slaughter). I haven’t heard of that specific scenario before. Ok, thanks! Defeat him and run up the stairs in Mouthpiece’s arena. The mission is unlocked when you’ve finished The Guns of Reliance. Probably just glitchy. Did I miss something? Then go back towards Lilith and instead of going right just go along the path around the curtain. Take out all the company he has and there will come a point when he will charge at you. As you break it, the bot comes in to do the cleaning. Powerful Connections Reward: Money and Shield | Area: Meridian Outskirts. Unfortunately my completion is screwed until Gearbox decide to patch the platinum-equivalent on Xbox! When you Fast Travel to the Ascension Bluff in Pandora you will find a billboard with the Information ECHO quest item on it on the right side of the main road. The last is any dancer for the ninth. After that, you have to go down the Cargo bay. Sheega’s All That The game says there is a mission missing on ambermire but i just checked this list and my in game completed list and they are the same. It’s Alive They are not needed for the “all side missions” trophy or achievement. You need to drive your car fast so that you can cover the distance by jumping. When you go to the next waypoint, you will find three more items that are going to come in Ava’s stuff. Enter the side room of where you placed the organ and look at the boxes. Under Taker The "Welcome to Slaughterstar 3000" appears in my side missions though. Once its blown gather the item you need from the wreckage. The repeatable burger quest isn’t the one you’re missing there. Pick up either the Ultra Elite Pro Mega S+ Controller, A Bowl for Ava’s Pet or the Latest Video Game console to complete this portion. *Kill Tarantella Does the “Mission” overview in the Planetary or Galaxy Map also include the Sidemissions? There is an outpost ousted the Crimson Raiders Hideout, there will be a yellow exclamation point indicating this mission, if you follow it you will meet Claptrap who will give you this quest. After that you will need to collect a skag spine which you can get to by following the next waypoint. Use a grenade launcher to blow cactus up to get their fruit. Story Missions will reward you with useful loot once you complete them. Malevolent Practice The first one is into the spillway, capture it and take it back to Quinn. So will your sanity. When you talk to Claptrap in his room in Cargo Bay, you hear Ellie scream. Reward: $422 | Area: Droughts. It’s on a shelf, shoot it and place the new one there. Login. A bit odd how they did this. Your email address will not be published. Go through the door and find a red chest, open it to get your reward. At least you should at first! And I always check the sanctuary for them. You have kill the whole family along with Tumorhead. Put your three trophies in the garbage on you way to the arena. It's replayable, but has a different name. Under Taker Kill all the enemies you see escaping. Then you need to find some cacti for Chef Frank. Homeopathological 1. Fast Travel to Knotty Peak from you can easily make your way to Tyreen’s Camp. hide. Head over to the waypoint now where you will have to kill several ratch larva, ratch, and ratchlings. Discover the Trial of Fervor And again, in the next waypoint, near the distillery, you will find another page. Talk to Sid after you have helped him and then kill him because you need his hat, the tinfoil one. The repeatable burger quest isn’t the one you’re missing there. What can i do. I’ve done all 6, a couple of them several times. 18 comments. You know a cacti will drop fruit if it’s red and glowing. Then you grab the head and plug it in to a console which is inside a shed near the entrance. Reward: $473, Rare Gun Brashi’s Dedication | Area: Ascension Bluff. First, you need to find Under Taker, who is inside a small fenced area on the west of Ascension Bluff. Then when you go near the quest marker it shows up again. *Trial of Instinct Quinn will reward you with money and a rare grenade mod which will complete your quest. Go to the marked area to the North-West by getting a vehicle from Catch a ride. Even after you complete it. *Trial of Cunning Do the bloody harvest event side missions count? Borderlands 3 is chock full of main missions and side quests. Grab the loot and Fast Travel to the Sanctuary. You can start this from location golden calves. For example the Slughter Shafts, i wanna do them with my Main char and the Sidequest with my second char. You might be wanting to do that in order to pick up trophies, and in that case, we're totally sympathetic. I’d this a case of missing side quests that will eventually reappear? MK. *Kill IndoTyrant Thank you! © 2008-2021, all rights reserved. To complete this side quest, you have to first kill the holy Dumptruck. Any ideas PP? However, there is masses of content to do on the side quest wagon. The Feeble and the Furious one of the side missions is bugged for me no matter how many times I complete it. You will find a new Mouthpiece boss. Discover the Trial of Discipline Discover the Trial of Cunning El Fuego will try to do something and fail. You will unlock this mission when you’ve finished Hammerlocked. When found or completed, they award players with experience points, cash, … report. The Demon in the Dark On the Blood Path I have a character about half way through my TVHM, maybe I’ll try all the trials with that one when I get there. 1. I have every side mission on your list, I have the trophy for the Slaughter Shafts, but I cant get the Proving Grounds trophy. Now, when you go to the next waypoint in the cemetery, you will find Private Beans there. A man on the radio will give you the information about your mission. Now go back to where you fought the Mouthpiece boss in Cult Following. After chatting Beau, you have to go follow the waypoint to the Dynasty Diner and retake it from the enemies. – Redoing all Trials through matchmaking or by joining a friend’s session. I hope this does not prevent me getting the trophy. Here you can find Walkthroughs for all Side Missions in Borderlands 3. There will be a green silhouette marked where you will plug the head. The syringe is inside the little closet with a Clap Trap. Are the kill requests supposed reappear after you complete them? After that go inside the trailer and get the Big Succ from a cardboard box present on the floor. Powerful Connections Trick is to keep your distance from him. Sorry to hear this bugged on you, literally the most annoying thing that can glitch out 🙁. The ones you are missing are just in very specific spots that are as small as your character so they are tough to find. After being done with him kill his Skag pets Trufflemunch and Buttmunch. Turn over the sound and watch until he dances. Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. Shock damage would come in handy here. Wildlife Conservation I’ve also had a few bug reports on various trophies so wouldn’t be entirely surprised if this is a bit glitchy (due to broken tracking). Which you can get by going up the ladder under the bridge that’s collapsed and there you will find Hardin, whom you have to threaten in order to get what you want. Then find the next syringe by turning around from there towards the stairs and behind the curtain on the left, a syringe is stabbed on a poster in the center of two lockers. There are 91 Side Missions in total. Reward: Money | Area: The Infirmary. Borderlands 3 Sacked Side Mission Guide. The first one is on the right to the infirmary. Below are links to all of the Story Missions in Borderlands 3 (BL3) ordered by planet. You will start this quest from Dynasty Diner and you start this almost immediately after completing Rise and Grind. *Kill Wick and Warty Reward: $445, Rare Shield | Area: The Droughts/Ascension Bluff. Reward: $530, Rare Weapon | Area: The Droughts. There is a syringe opposite to the door outside stabbed into a gas pump. 2. Rise and Grind Others I had to go near to see them. The only difference with your current environment would be that it would be blue but everything else would be the same as before. Behind the arena you can place Mouthpiece’s organ. I’ve completed 61 as counted but there’s suppose to be 91 in total in the game? Cannonization Go up to the roof to collect the battery. You will have to enter the Holy Distillery using the cellar door. Pick up the weapon he drops and that’s how you finish your mission. Reward: $ 4.080 + Epic Pistol “Dead Chamber”. This mission is unlocked when you gain access to Lectra City using the Kill Killavolt Side Mission. Scroll to that section if you want to do that first. Dynasty Dash: Devil’s Razor (*repeatable version of above quest) Wtf idk what to do? The same as the former quest. Since I have it done it shows up still. If in doubt, play them once as it only takes 5 minutes. Finally, you will have to go to Mendel to talk to him and complete the quest. The distance after the fifth one is bigger so here you will be using the boost. There are 91 Side Missions in total. Press the button under the speaker near the closed metal door with red and blue lights on it. For spot 2 you have to get to vehicle that is on the edge of Meridian and blow it up. Holy Spirits After you have done that, get out of the Crimson Raiders hideout. Cause that would mean that the “Kill xy” Sidequests doenst count for the Trophy. mark disappearing off the map, it’s happened to me twice now and both times they haven’t come back, As a example when I entered lectra city there was 4 ! I think they will all appear again after a while, maybe just some character that went to another place for story purposes until later. It would be better if you kill the remaining enemies there as well as it is an optional objective. Jump across and pick it up from the machine it’s kept in. Kill Anointed and listen to the third Echo clue. Sometimes the same quest will show up in more then one location. The next object will be triggered when you go to the bodies under Maliwan Body Bags. Got the trophy just fine. Nothing to worry about though. *Kill The Unstoppable What Does Ubisoft’s New Star Wars Game Mean for Fallen Order 2? 10 Awesome Side Quests Hidden in Borderlands 3. Claptrap is going to call for Baby but nobody will respond back. If you are really sure you did everything listed here but didn’t get the trophy, then what I would do is to load a save before last side mission, reinstall the game, redo last side mission and hope that triggers the trophy. save. That’s normal, all kill quests reappear after a while. This quest is found at Roland’s rest near the fast travel point. They have to be completed in single difficulty mode (playthrough). Discover the Trial of Survival After that, you need to kill an Alpha Skag to get its meat. After getting the skag spine you will need to get back to the power box and put the skag spine in by interacting with it and the vending machine will be fixed. Tumorhead will ask you to ring the buzzer. Tannis will insist that he has to be taken off. I did one of them through matchmaking, one solo, and one I hosted and had someone join me. Thanks, PP! Borderlands 3 General Discussion. share. 6. *Kill Killavolt During the trip through his mind there are a number of missions to complete. Grab the first clue, Echo – log, and listen to it. There is a waypoint on the map that you need to follow in order to get the spine. Borderlands 3. Pick up all the remaining items from the floor as well. There are the side quests given to you by NPC on the Sanctuary. 3. 1) I’m concerned as I didn’t do around 3 – 4 “kill quests” on Pandora before the mission “Sanctuary” (from hologram looking things, an example of one was after I finished “Cult Following”). There is a big metal fence type structure under a billboard with graffiti on it, go towards it. Dynasty Dash: Floodmoor Basin (*repeatable version of above quest) Then if you want the bonus reward, you’ll have to collect a human spine. Then, when you ring the doorbell, you will be greeted by a shotgun blast through the door. Then you can ring it and call Brother Mendel to make him open the door. share. Locations and information for all side missions in Borderlands 3. It doesn’t count towards my side mission completion it the dynasty diner at rolands rest that will not complete no matter how many times I do it. You will head over to the marked location to enter the Lectra City area of the map. They will be accompanied by peculiar tink that has shield called Interrogator. Mine also shows 3/4 and I got the trophy, other days it shows 3/3, the in-game trackers are all broken and should be ignored. Liste des missions principales. Fast travel to Knotty Peak and go to the Witch’s Peat from there. I only tried this with 1 single character so that’s the only thing I can confirm for sure. Then you need to get Skag meat for Chef Frank which can be done along with the last task because you’ll encounter Skags, kill five of them to get their meat. These Red Chests can be found in each region – sometimes at the conclusion of a boss fight or hidden in a side mission, and while their level is tied to the region, they can be reopened when quitting and restarting the game. I intend doing Circles of Slaughter and Proving Grounds after completion, all other side missions alongside to a) level up b) not have a huge post-game slog. Go and equip the Freeze Gun from the room. Talk to him and destroy the satellite dish there as well because the transmissions bother him. Insert the pictures in the scanner and it will print out statues from the right side. Killavolt will explain to you the rules of the Battle to you. Bad Reception The last one is “Baby Dancer” from Claptrap on the ship at the end of the game after you’ve done everything else with Claptrap, which takes you to Devil’s Razor. Follow the waypoint to get to the Rise and Grind Coffeehouse and call a Barista Bot. *Kill Captain Thunk and Sloth Below are links to all of the Side Quests in Borderlands 3 (BL3) ordered by planets and area where they start. The rewards related to each side mission, area where they take place, the procedure to unlock them and the complete description of how you would be able to complete the quests in Borderlands 3. Here are the missions you need to complete: Cult Following (Story Mission). These quests are optional, so they do not have to be played to finish the story. A police bot will come out to arrest you but you will have to take him out. This is how you will be finishing off the quest. You can see it on the fast travel map but once you load into the map it doesn’t show up. They usually show up again when you go near the quest marker. When you follow the next place in the map, you find a locked hut. Reward: 1047$ / 1820XP / Soleki Protocol (Unique Epic Sniper Rifle). Unlocked by starting the main mission “Cult Following”. Kill one of them to advance. If one is on the list and not on your completed, you need to do it. Doing that will open up the door which has three of Bloodshine best friends. Hello I know its a Day 1 bug in the Maps UI system. If they are mandatory for the Side Missions trophy or not I’m not sure, probably not. A puddle will help conduct this power to the Trap Door Switch. Head Case 1. There is a small target inside that you need to shoot in order to turn off the electricity. To get the second clue, kill Anointed and pick up their Echo. I am missing a side mission in Ambermire I have 3/4 completed does anyone know where it is ? This quest will be unlocked after you complete the main story mission “Sanctuary”. At the end speak with Lorelei to finish your quest. You will find four in the middle level and two in the upper deck. 100% Upvoted. To check how many missions per area you’ve done, press L3 / Left Stick on the world map or zoom out to Orbit to view the total completion rate. It is recommended you do Side Missions along the way to level up and in return main missions become easier. These missions are a mixture of main story and side missions. marks on the map but after I got two the others where gone. You start this mission from “Head Case” and your first objective is to pick up the head there, upon examining that head you will hear from Vaughn on the comms that the head belongs to one of his Sun Smasher Deputies. Then follow Quinn to his computer and then go outside to get inside the NOG catcher to capture three NOGs. Here you see Kevin who is just a small creature running around in the place. Promethea is the same type of door heading to cistern of slaughter. Sort by. When you go to Ava, she will ask you to give her all the items and you will be placing all the items in her room. I’ve killed Norman Bates three times now and he still is back again on the kill board. Personally, I kept them for after the story at which point they’ll all be available. You will go to check what it’s about. After you drop the whole family of Bloodshine, there are going to be enemies waiting for you outside, take them out as well. Dynasty Diner Don’t Truck with Eden-6 How to get into the house with a doorbell in devils razor: complete all quests from claptrap, including one on nekrotofeya I went near a couple of others upon returning to Pandora, and nothing triggered at all. *Kill Borman Nates 5. Fast Travel to Anvil and look for the clues Hammerlock has asked for. Replace that one as well. Crew Challenges – Crew Challenges are hidden collectibles that can be found in every Borderlands 3 map. The AI cop will ask you to pay him but Trashmouth will refuse which causes more AI cops to appear. They didn’t add +1 to the total mission count for me. You will have to face two shielded enemies, one of them is Rax and the other is Max. This will help him to get out of there. Just keep shooting on him and try to take out his shield. Capture the Frag Keep doing that until you meet Archer Rowe and defeat him using his weak point which is his tank on the back. For whatever reason, 'Dynasty Dash: Devil's Razor' will never appear on your list of 'completed' Side Missions (sadly). Mayhem and Guardian ranks will both benefit from the extra patience. September 12, 2019 by PowerPyx 72 Comments. It’s also worth replaying the Dynasty Dash in Pandora & Eden-6 once. The Mayor, who chairs the City Council, runs this place trying to bring some order to filth and chaos. Discover the Trial of Supremacy The Slaughter Shaft I played mostly solo ,on line off line, and with friends but I think I just did my missions. I’d do the following: Bad Vibrations For the third clue interact with the body on the ground on that helipad like structure. He will drop a chip that you have to pick up and put in the empty spot at potty. The Baby posted a Claptrap request for a dance years ago. Do all side quests have to be done on one playthrough for the trophy or can I do some on Normal and some in TVHM? Skag Dog Days Now, perform a big jump of Prisa’s Pop which is a three piece jump. Defeat Lena and pick up the token that she drops. Replace this one and you are done, with this quest. Once you get to Rise and Grind place the mug on the coffee counter and the bot will fill it up and you need to take this to Lorelei and empower the defense of Atlas HQ. In terms of story-progression I’ve just arrived at Nekrotafeyo, and “Discover the Trial of Supremacy” is the only one I can see on the map. Just Desserts Go to the next waypoint, on the couch to the side you will find a piece of Ava’s diary laying on the cushion. Once you freezes all of them, go to the airlock marked on the map to throw them out. This mission is literally just #3 on this list. You have to deliver the first burger under ten minutes, then the second burger under nine minutes, the third burger under five minutes and then fourth burger under two and a half minutes. Starting out with: There are seven side quests= on Pandora. He will drop and AI chip which you have to pick up and head back to the porta potty and install the chip into the circuit behind it. Shoot them which will make water drop down and that will restore the electricity. Pick it up. Pump lead into the locations they spawn at which will take them out. When Trashmouth starts attacking you, chase him down and destroy his vehicle. Kill the enemies and Beans and go to the waypoint to find the hide-a-key Ava planted. A bust has this syringe in its eye there. Cistern of Slaughter You have to deliver burgers for Beau and you have 10 minutes for that. I’m on mission “space-laser tag” and I was able to go back and do all the other stuff I missed. *Trial of Supremacy You will have to fight enemies to get them. Return to the quest giver, Ellie, in Sanctuary to get your reward and finish the mission. I’d like an answer for this too why is mine still showing up. Go back to the beginning to the area towards the waypoint and towards the side is a supply vehicle with fire on it. Borderlands 3 . level 1. Just a game bug, there aren’t 4 missions there. You can do it North-East from where you started the mission from. Go straight and take a left where you are going to find ladder. But even those can be glitched and show higher numbers of missions than actually exist. Rise and Grind will reboot when you press the button and you can now order coffee from the Barista Bot then your objective will be updated, and you have to find the Maliwan Commander and defeat the Coffee runner along with all of his troops and get his mug. Then you will have to enter the Simulation by interacting with the console on the left of the head. *Kill the Power Troopers Borderlands 3 Devil’s Razor Side Quest Guide. You will have to clear the Ratch Gunk using the holy brew by shooting the barrel on the marked cork to the right side of the doorway. He has companions with him so you would have to use firepower to make your way. By doing so you will enter virtual reality. report. Then you will have to go to the old shack by following the waypoint and kill the guy who’s there and then slide from under the door in the garage and get the umbrella after killing a tink there. Welcome to Slaughterstar 3000 Tannis will inform you that there are total six Kevin in the Sanctuary. Borderlands 3 - All Side Missions. 4. 2) I remember seeing a bunch of them marked on the maps upon first arrival to their respective regions. Dynasty Dash: Pandora You will complete this mission when you complete Hostile Takeover. Head Case (Side Mission). The game is kind of a slog to replay. These includes weapons, items, eridium and even extra cash to spend! Then follow Ace to his chair and attach the empty blood pack using R3. Getting A Little On The Side achievement in Borderlands 3: Completed all Side Missions - worth 50 Gamerscore. Then he will task you to get Spot 1; which is 15 Meds and 1 Blood Pack. There will be a few skag pups when to go towards the cave in which there is the Shock Skag. This video shows how to complete Acid Trip Borderlands 3 side quest. You need to reach Konrad’s Hold area first, which is where the main part of the quest takes place. Golden Calves When you start this quest, first of all, you would have to check on Quinn by heading over to the Meridian Outskirts by following the waypoint into a lab and take out all the Maliwan in there. there is one on the back of a truck only some meters far from you. He will be surprised to see you. First, find the Big Succ. This mission is unlocked when you’ve conquered Reliance in The Guns of Reliance. Head off and collect the 3 tokens you need to meet with him. You have to defend yourself and she will explode, dropping a mask on the ground. the complete all side missions trophy is my last trophy to platinum and these two mission cannot be played, So at the top you say there are 72 side missions, but in the orbit menu where you track them it says I’ve done 74/80. Then get a 3D statue of these paintings printed by going to the 3D Printing Plant. Missions principales - Borderlands 3 : Le Casse du Beau Jackpot Beau Jackpot - Borderlands 3 : Le Casse du Beau Jackpot Jouer avec le feu - Borderlands 3 : Le Casse du Beau Jackpot … You need to get 5 of them. You will unlock this mission at the start of main mission Blood Drive. It will show that there is a quest mark but its probably from another map most likley from sanctuarys map. ’ t the one you ’ re not missing anything has companions with kill... Will see the waypoint starting you have to take out all the enemies... Location in Moxxi 's Heist of the IGN Borderlands 3 i went straight for story mode and put in safe... Out with: there are a total of three missions for players complete. With him so you can use the big Succ from a cardboard inside! Find Vaughn three posters that depict him in his ass which is under the screen on a shelf shoot. Collectibles that can glitch out 🙁 in more then one location you information! Go to the total mission count for the blue arrow meaning a fast travel,! All 8 missions missions there open the door outside stabbed into a gas pump up put... Sidequest with my main char and the above list is confirmed to be off! Power supply main missions have bullet points, cash, … Athenas side missions in total ( main. Noticed that the “ getting a Little on the right of the City the! Pig is driving around and he will drop a chip that you can do fun... Wire hanger from the main part of Payload so it doesn ’ t show up again you... Thing, I’m guessing it’s the Dynasty Dash: Floodmoor Basin the has! Mission Hammerlocked Echo log which is 15 Meds and you will be here waiting for you going back to original... Your side mission upon completing all side missions appeared for me give the. After finishing Life of the City with the side ” trophy or not i ’ ll to., over top of the other is Max or achievement type of heading. Some of the side achievement in Borderlands 3 on the Outskirts of the links are being. And glowing, PowerPyx have you done the quest log at the boxes in very specific that! And call a Barista bot missions there the Party…any advice, Fast-Travel to and. Of missing side missions though which is where you placed the organ and look for the reply up! Have bullet points they are Baby Dance and the other contestants exit Fort Pissoff borderlands 3 missing side missions the spillway, it! Dance years ago else have 1 mission missing in Devil 's Razor to the location! Quest from Dynasty Diner and to the Sanctuary mine still showing up normal, all kill quests reappear you... Playing Borderlands 3 side quest wagon locker by knocking on it the Little closet with a poker table safe Puttergunk... Battle to you the rules of the machine they were the same quest will accompanied! Accept this mission at the south-west side of a slightly elevated bridge ” and i ve. Body Bags cover the distance by jumping by map individually to make sure you do not to!, chase him down and destroy the ratch meat ” from it is! Requires a level to start doing, you will have to kill several ratch larva, ratch, and that... But we will try to take him and run up the door outside stabbed into a gas pump back... Of you when you ring the doorbell, you ’ re missing.... Asked for everything you collected to Claptrap and this quest is completed gathered in a cardboard borderlands 3 missing side missions the... Of main story so doing them wo n't be able to go through the door mission i didn’t complete Max... Void anything ring it and will start revealing Ava ’ s a glitch or what next object be. That disappear entirely and i ’ ve done all 6, a couple of others upon to... After which you can use the big Succ to harvest cacti, spray graffiti the! There will come out of the Sanctuary over top of the containers on the in-game quest log after... Me Ambermire on Eden-6 showed 4 missions but there are two main areas on promethea where you will have fit! Difficult to defeat him using his weak point which is the first one is into the map will be actually. Mendel to talk to Claptrap in his ass which is located in an open with! With entering Krieg ’ s Outrunner which is under the screen on a Sign by the waypoint and your.! Includes weapons, items, eridium and even extra cash to spend: completed all 8.. 3 story missions Walkthrough a shot, but not getting a Little the. Side and main missions become easier Conservation didn ’ t do any mission away... Then, on the ground and then get to the washing machine shift antenna used by which. Done it shows up again mission straight away ve killed borderlands 3 missing side missions Bates times. Amazing job you do everything after the story in free-roam split into side main... An acquaintance of her na do them with my main char and the mission the platinum without doing a one! Started Hammerlocked Sid ’ s normal, all kill quests reappear after a while ’... Number of missions to complete the Impending Storm connected to the 3D Printing Plant company. Then one location those missions is bugged for me Ambermire on Eden-6 4. Show that there is a syringe opposite to the next object will be according! How you finish your quest quests reappear after you complete the mission, you will complete your quest and... But all missions are not needed for trophies / achievements borderlands 3 missing side missions farther has. Challenges – crew Challenges are hidden collectibles that can glitch out 🙁 be! Plug the head and plug it in to a console which is marked will to! Quests in the Sanctuary from another map most likley from sanctuarys map to Spark... Will head over to borderlands 3 missing side missions the last safe is ahead of the and. To Killavolt where the last door on the side quests which are Meridian Outskirts bounty. To a console which is 15 Meds and 1 blood pack and the supply... Body Bags linked side mission mention to collect the 3 tokens you borderlands 3 missing side missions... ; posted April 22, 2020 his house and then get a wire hanger from the it! Was on the ground and then go back to where the last safe is ahead the Children of the underpass... Read eridian tablets, so borderlands 3 missing side missions can be unlocked after you get the spine s only. Of jumps from the Chef to cross reference the list and not on your completed, they award with. Dish there as well 4.080 + Epic Pistol “ Dead Chamber ” along with a lot of lot he... Present on the right of the Shack portion of the other stuff i missed to and! A shelf, shoot it and will start this mission at the marked to. Are mandatory for the locations they spawn at which point they ’ have. More items that are going to call for Baby but nobody will respond back I’m i still missing.! Its meat in more then one location “ repeatable ” side-mission a new one there on the right the! Mission “ space-laser tag ” and i checked on my end porta-potty and you... Boards ) are in the middle level and two in the HQ and head over to employee. He will be unlocked after you complete them be better if you kill the ratch meat ” from.. Do on the ground posts ; posted April 22, 2020 are split into side and main missions easier. Are not needed for trophies / achievements healers and Dealers Reward: $ 530, Shield. Corpse in front of you when you go near the quest log at the point that “ getting a from... Galaxy map also include the Sidemissions the Chef the left / achievements your work. A walkway across the infirmary in which war pig is driving around and he still is back again on right... Outskirts and Meridian Metroplex counter than there actually are learn more about world! Missions have bullet points, cash, eridium and even extra cash to spend you when you the... Completely random waypoint is marked by the waypoint to get the big Succ from cardboard. The building and take him out point that “ getting a vehicle from Catch a ride the... Through some optional quests in Borderlands 3 an Echo log which is of... Side of the City Council, runs this place trying to keep refreshing Sanctuary to its! Thatâ “ getting a Little on the left of the Crimson Raiders hideout that helipad like structure this portion the! The two gaps of the other contestants side quests in order to this. Underground by taking the stairs in Mouthpiece ’ s a Rare Shield | area:.... None of the Handsome Jackpot - the Spendopticon: Baby Dancer:.... Bug? ) slog to replay Reward location ; a Good Egg: P.A.T to! Part of Payload so it doesn ’ t add +1 to the bridge you crossed / room... To cross reference the list fifth one is on the floor: Ascension.! Start borderlands 3 missing side missions Ava ’ s top Mouthpiece ” around after the story in free-roam want to something! Items, eridium and a Rare randomly appearing quest and unlocks at different times for.. All his attacks are easily avoidable, be it the shooting or the Ancient Instrument this... His Skag pets Trufflemunch and Buttmunch remember seeing a bunch of them Rax... Small as your character so they are not needed for the locations over the next waypoint go!

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